SEE-I Remix EP (Beatport Exclusive)

See-I Remix EP
FKX043 – Fort Knox Recordings

    Release Date:

Tuesday November 8th


1. Haterz 24/7 (Fort Knox Five Remix)
2. How We Do (JPod the Beat Chef Remix)
3. Blow Up (Knight Riderz Remix)
4. Soul Hit Man (Drumagick Remix)

See-I – Haterz 24 7 (Fort Knox Five Remix) by See-I

See I – Blow Up (Knight Riderz Remix) by See-I

Soul Hit Man (Drumagick Remix) by See-I

SEE-I Tour Posters from California & Utah

See-I is in the midst of a great tour at the moment, having just finished California and Utah dates and headed to Colorado. Check out some of these great posters from recent shows:

Many thanks to all of the great staff, promoters, venues, opening bands and djs that have been supporting us on this tour, we appreciate all of the hard work you do, big ups to you!!!!

See-I Remix EP – To Be Released Tuesday November 8th:

See-I Remix EP:  “Soul Hit Man (Drumagick Remix)”

Soul Hit Man (Drumagick Remix) by See-I

SEE-I Remix Compilation Album out on November 22nd, 2011

SEE-I Remix Compilation Album – FKX044
Release Date: Tuesday November 22nd, 2011

    Full tracklisting:

01. Dangerous – Subatomic Sound Remix
02. Haterz 24/7 – Fort Knox Five Remix
03. Dub Revolution – Omegaman Remix
04. Soul Hit Man – The Funk Hunters Remix
05. Talkin’ About the Peace – Ancient Astronauts Remix
06. How We Do – JPOD the Beat Chef Remix
07. Blow Up – Knight Riderz Remix
08. Soul Hit Man – Drumagick Remix
09. Soul Universe – MustBeat & Nynfus Corp. Remix
10. Homegrown 2011 – J-Roc Remix
11. Blow Up – Turntable Dubbers & Sebski Remix
12. Reign In 2 Light – Clatyon & Fulcrum Remix
13. Disturbancy – Holmes Ives Remix

See-I : Blow Up (Turntable Dubbers & Sebski Remix) by Turntable Dubbers

See-I – Soul Hit Man (The Funk Hunters Remix) by The Funk Hunters

See-I to play at PEX’s Project Battleship – 6th Annual Halloween Ball!!

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